I AM Ariathea.

I AM a songstress and sound healer.

Home is on a small island north of Auckland in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

After twenty-five years as a professional in the art of song, and much training in metaphysics, yoga, and human consciousness, I offer original songs to uplift, inspire and connect.

My style is tribal soul funk, inspired by the great soul sisters and brothers, and co-created with incredible musicians and producers who are also awakened humans.

I also offer voice for ceremony, ritual and rites of passage, and as a song leader use song to facilitate communion and community.

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Music Videos

Super Love

Ariathea – Super Love

An album of songs to uplift, inspire and connect, Super Love was written in the yurt my husband built for us on Kawau Island, Aotearoa/New Zealand throughout 2020, as humanity began it’s true inhiation toward the light.

Produced with soul brother Marshall Smith of The Sound Room.

Anchoring the human groove is bassist Mat Fieldes who returned to Aotearoa in 2020 after a stellar international career based in New York.

All wood, metal, skin and bone elements courtesy of American (and now national treasure for Aotearoa) percussionist Doug Brush.



Be More Than Do, Hey Hey and We’ve Got A Light written by Georgia Duder Wood. All other songs were written by Georgia Duder-Wood, Marshall Smith & Tom Fox, except Get Me Higher, written by Georgia Duder-Wood, Marshall Smith, Tom Fox & Dave Bridgman

The albums I offer are a team effort. Much gratitude to the people I am now, and in the past, privileged to co-create with.

Simon Wood
… for … where do I begin?! Everything … you know …

Marshall Smith & Tom Fox of The Sound Room 
… for production: you truly are the groovemeisters!

Marshall Smith
… for co-song writing, keyboard & backing vocals, and above, for superb midwifery of my first album of originals. My soul brother from another mother, I truly could not have done it without you.

Tom Fox
… for stellar guitar that felt super purple.

Mike Bloemendal
… for final mixes and mastering of Super Love – it is always fun, and super easy super love with you!

Mat Fieldes
… for fat bass on all tracks: I get down and I get up with your solid groove, and making music with you now, as opposed to when we were 18 (!), is a blessing.

Doug Brush 
… for symphonic percussion on all tracks: your djembe that sings of the desert, your triangle funk and everything in between. You rooted this album in the earth with sounds of skin and wood and bone, the donkey jaw guiro being my favourite.

Jono Sawyer
… for drums on Get Me Higher, Honey Child, Emperor, Rise Sister Rise, and Girasole (Sunflower Girl). You got it; you get it. Praise be!

Chris Nielsen
… for horns on Emperor, Girasole (Sunflower Girl) and Honey Child that bring out the soul sister in me.

Asley Brown
… for cello on Kiss Your Smile and Still point. The “man voice” for sure, but also the song of the desert.

Ben Fernandez
… for Rhodes on Emperor. And for your part in my awakening as a songwriter.

Dave Bridgman
… for co-writing Get Me Higher, not to mention channelling the Isley Bothers with your stonkin’ gat.

Ariathea – Salutations

Originally released in 2010 as Happenstance by The Standard Funk Ensemble, this album is versions of classic soul and pop tunes, celebrating some of the artists I’ve been most inspired by. It also includes jazz standards that honour the influence of the great female jazz vocalists, and my love of the era.  Recorded with musos with whom I did many a live gig and some beautiful guest artists. Thanks groovers.



Mark Baynes
… for co-creating the project, for keys all tracks, for arrangements of You Are the Sunshine and Hello for helping me, way back then, to write my very first original lyric.

Chris Neilson and your sons Kody and Ruban
… for production, gorgeous horns and grooving gat.

Alex Griffith
… for bass on all tracks. You are phenomenal.

Lance Bentley
… for drums on all tracks. You were our rock.

Dixon Nacey  
… for gat on Purple Rain. I saw purple.

Steve Garden of the Garden Shed 
… for production and recording vocals.

Chris Mason-Battley
… for recording the band at the New Zealand School of Music.

Sacred Song

Because of my journey, I am able to offer song in a sacred manner.

I offer SOLO VOICE, unaccompanied, or with simple accompaniment.

I offer GROUP VOICE as a SONG LEADER, to lead others to access their own voice, the most powerful medicine there is, and a very simple yet extremely powerful way to deepen the experience of any gathering.

In CELEBRATION: weddings, birthdays, twenty-firsts, moon ceremonies, baby showers and christenings, anniversaries and birthdays, housewarmings, rites of passage.

IN SORROW and REMEMBRANCE: funerals, memorials, conscious uncoupling, or divorce, rituals.
For example:

  • I have sung brides down the aisle and I have lead those gathered in group song to welcome the bride in
  • I have sung songs, chosen by and meaningful to the couples, while the register is being signed
  • I have sung a favourite song, or a song meaningful to the family, beside the coffin of someone people have gathered to mourn
  • I have lead group song to keep those gathered engaged and in their hearts during the signing of the register
  • I have lead group song to bless the happy couple, after the pronouncement of marriage as they leave
  • I have led group song to celebrate and farewell a loved one, while the coffin is carried out of the space and also while the body is lowered into the crematorium
  • I have led group song the service, during the refreshments
  • I have led a group song at a large memorial picnic

This service I offer is at all times conscious of the energy of the space and the people within it, balancing it if necessary, and seeking to connect people to their hearts, and to each other, through my vibration.

Thank you, Ariathea for contributing to such a wonderful send off for my Mum Joan. Your music & voice set the tone for a beautiful celebration of a life well-lived. She would have loved it! 

Jennifer Butcher | 1st Assistant Director | Film & Television

Having Ariathea lead the song my sister, Harriet, requested we all sing at her memorial service was an inspiration. We sang like we have never sung before! It was a profoundly moving experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Ariathea has a wonderful soul and an enormous gift that I would recommend to anyone.

Fraser Brown. Actor / Producer

(for a 90th) “This party meant the world to us and the music was the absolute centrepiece. Dad had one of the best nights of his life, it was a privilege to have you there. This will be a night in a family history to remember. Thank you so, so much!”.

(For a wedding) “Thank you so much! You were brilliant, and really added to the atmosphere beautifully”


Live Tracks produced by the sound room

Mat Fields

Mat Fieldes has recently returned to Aotearoa from a stellar international career based in New York. Trained at Julliard School of Music in New York and sought after in classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and on Broadway, he has collaborated with or played for such luminaries as Joe Jackson, John Cale, Ornette Coleman, Beyonce & Jay Z, Sufjan Stevens, Steve Vai, and Arturo Sandaval.

Doug Brush

Doug Brush is an American-born percussionist, granted citizenship in Aotearoa for his unique musical offerings. Classically trained at the American Conservatory of Music and Roosevelt University in Chicago, he graduated with honours. He has studied with percussion masters in Cuba, Spain, North India, South India, North Africa, and West Africa, playing and has performed on five continents.

Eric Renick

Originally from Indianapolis, Eric Renick is the section principal for percussion for the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. He gained a Master’s degree and artist certificate from Chicago’s Roosevelt and DePaul universities, and in 2007 he was awarded a Fellowship with the New World Symphony (NWS), and is an Artist Teacher at the University of Auckland.

Nick Taylor

Is a strong musician and talented bassist who started music at the age of 5 and has been heavily involved in music since then.
Since completing his Bachelor of Music specialising in Jazz Performance in 2012, Nick has traveled extensively around the world playing on numerous Cruise Ships throughout the Pacific, Caribbean and Mediterranean. Also having contracts in Dubai at five star hotels, in the South of France performing at The Royal Mougins Golf Resort and at a Michelin starred restaurant Moulin de Mougins.