Album Credits & Gratitude


Be More Than Do, Hey Hey and We’ve Got A Light written by Georgia Duder Wood. All other songs written by Georgia Duder-Wood, Marshall Smith & Tom Fox, except Get Me Higher, written by Georgia Duder-Wood, Marshall Smith, Tom Fox & Dave Bridgman

The albums I offer are a team effort. Much gratitude to the people I am now, and in the past, privileged to co-create with.

Simon Wood
… for … where do I begin?! Everything … you know …

Marshall Smith & Tom Fox of The Sound Room
… for production: you truly are the groovemeisters!

Marshall Smith
… for co-song writing, keyboard & backing vocals, and above, for superb midwifery of my first album of originals. My soul brother from another mother, I truly could not have done it without you.

Tom Fox
… for stellar guitar that felt super purple.

Mike Bloemendal
… for final mixes and mastering of Super Love – it is always fun, and super easy super love with you!

Mat Fieldes
… for fat bass on all tracks: I get down and I get up with your solid groove, and making music with you now, as opposed to when we were 18 (!), is a blessing.

Doug Brush 
… for symphonic percussion on all tracks: your djembe that sings of the desert, your triangle funk and everything in between. You rooted this album in the earth with sounds of skin and wood and bone, the donkey jaw guiro being my favourite.

Jono Sawyer
… for drums on Get Me Higher, Honey Child, Emperor, Rise Sister Rise, and Girasole (Sunflower Girl). You got it; you get it. Praise be!

Chris Nielsen
… for horns on Emperor, Girasole (Sunflower Girl) and Honey Child that bring out the soul sister in me.

Asley Brown
… for cello on Kiss Your Smile and Still point. The “man voice” for sure, but also the song of the desert.

Ben Fernandez
… for Rhodes on Emperor. And for your part in my awakening as a songwriter.

Dave Bridgman
… for co-writing Get Me Higher, not to mention channelling the Isley Bothers with your stonkin’ gat.


Mark Baynes
… for co-creating the project, for keys all tracks, for arrangements of You Are the Sunshine and Hello for helping me, way back then, to write my very first original lyric.

Chris Neilson and your sons Kody and Ruban
… for production, gorgeous horns and grooving gat.

Alex Griffith
… for bass on all tracks. You are phenomenal.

Lance Bentley
… for drums on all tracks. You were our rock.

Dixon Nacey  
… for gat on Purple Rain. I saw purple.

Steve Garden of the Garden Shed 
… for production and recording vocals.

Chris Mason-Battley
… for recording the band at the New Zealand School of Music.


Tessa Duder 
… for being my mum, and the instigator of this wonderful anthology published in 2002.

Sergei Chesnokov
… for the gorgeous melodies and guitar playing.

Tessa Duder, Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley, Trish Gribben, Joy Watson, John Marsden, Peggy Dunstan, Jocelyn Marshall,  Diana Noonan and Michelanne Forster
… for the wonderful, Pacific inspired lyrics.

Marshall Smith
… for production of the original album, recording Sergei, original vox record, playing the keys, backing vocals, and helping to resurrect the tracks for re-release.

Mike Bloemendal
… for recording the vox in 2020,  helping to resurrect the tracks, mixing and mastering the album for re-release in 2020.

Above all, gratitude to Wendy & Jude and the Ascended Masters, especially Master St Germain, Master Dwjal Khul, Master Jesus and Lady Kwan Yin.