Because of my journey, I am able to offer song in a sacred manner I offer SOLO VOICE, unaccompanied, or with simple accompaniment. I offer GROUP VOICE as a SONG LEADER, to lead others to access their own voice, the most powerful medicine there is, and a very simple yet extremely powerful way to deepen the experience of any gathering. In CELEBRATION: weddings, birthdays, twenty-firsts, moon ceremonies, baby showers and christenings, anniversaries and birthdays, housewarmings, rites of passage IN SORROW and REMEMBRANCE: funerals, memorials, conscious uncoupling, or divorce, rituals. For example:
  • I have sung brides down the aisle and I have lead those gathered in group song to welcome the bride in.
  • I have sung songs, chosen by and meaningful to the couples, while the register is being signed.
  • I have sung a favourite song, or a song meaningful to the family, beside the coffin of someone people have gathered to mourn.
  • I have lead group song to keep those gathered engaged and in their hearts during the signing of the register.
  • I have lead group song to bless the happy couple, after the pronouncement of marriage as they leave
  • I have led group song to celebrate and farewell a loved one, while the coffin is carried out of the space and also while the body is lowered into the crematorium.
  • I have led group song the service, during the refreshments
  • I have led a group song at a large memorial picnic.
This service I offer is at all times conscious of the energy of the space and the people within it, balancing it if necessary, and seeking to connect people to their hearts, and to each other, through my vibration.

Thank you, Georgia for contributing to such a wonderful send off for my Mum Joan. Your music & voice set the tone for a beautiful celebration of a life well-lived. She would have loved it! 

Jennifer Butcher | 1st Assistant Director | Film & Television

Having Georgia lead the song my sister, Harriet, requested we all sing at her memorial service was an inspiration. We sang like we have never sung before! It was a profoundly moving experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Georgia has a wonderful soul and an enormous gift that I would recommend to anyone.
Fraser Brown. Actor / Producer

(for a 90th) “This party meant the world to us and the music was the absolute centrepiece. Dad had one of the best nights of his life, it was a privilege to have you there. This will be a night in a family history to remember. Thank you so, so much!”.

(For a wedding) “Thank you so much! You were brilliant, and really added to the atmosphere beautifully”